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Financing Your Boob Job

How Much Does A Boob Job Cost?

The costs of undergoing any cosmetic surgery procedure can be very high, and breast augmentation surgeries in particular are very expensive.

According to a recent price comparison survey, the average cost of breast enlargement, breast uplift or breast reduction surgery in the United Kingdom is between £3,500 and £5,000..

Procedure Price Range (GBP)
Breast Augmentation £3,500-£5,000
Breast Reduction £5,000-£7,600
Breast Uplift £4,830-£7,500
Nipple Correction £2,700-£2,900

Our pricing information was taken from Transform, The Private Clinic and Harley Medical Clinic.

Financing Your Breast Augmentation

Due to the reasonably large costs associated with breast augmentation, an increasing number of clinics and other companies offer long term payment plans to help patients spread the cost of surgery over a manageable series of repayments. There are a number of options available for patients looking to finance their boob job ranging from payment plans vary from buy now pay later schemes, low monthly payment plans and tailored boob job loans.

Buy now pay later schemes allow you a fixed time in which you do not have to pay anything; afterwards, you either pay off the full amount or pay monthly installments with an interest rate.

Companies offering low monthly payment plans only require a payment of around 60-70% of the balance, whilst the rest can then be paid off in low installments with no interest rate. Finally some companies offer loans to cover the costs of the surgery, which must be repaid over time.

Finance your boob job.

Finance Criteria

With boob jobs costing several thousand pounds, many people opt to spread the cost over several months. Anyone who applies for finance of any kind must meet certain requirements and loans for cosmetic surgery are no exception.

Typical requirements for finance being approved include:

  • The applicant must be over the age of 18 and have been in full time employment for over twelve months. They should also have a current bank account from which they can set up direct debits.
  • They must be a UK resident with a minimum of three years worth of address history, no defaults on finance in the past three years, and no bankruptcies or IVAs in their credit history.

The exact list of requirements will vary from provider to provider so applicants are always advised to check prior to making an application. However, if you do not meet the full criteria, some lenders offer joint applications with a partner or parent to increase your likelihood of success. Alternatively, some lenders will offer you a loan for part of the cost if you don't meet their full requirements.

What If I've Got Bad Credit History?

If financing options for any product have been sought in the past but not repaid, or if loans have been taken and not repaid then this can impact on a person’s ability to obtain loans or credit in the future. These ‘black marks’ can remain on a person’s credit file for years and prevent companies from trusting in a person’s ability to repay a loan.

Unfortunately this means that people affected may be unable to obtain financing for cosmetic surgery too; therefore it may be useful to know of the other options available for covering the costs of these procedures.

Breast Augmentation Loans

Many cosmetic surgery clinics offer their own breast augmentation loans which can be approved faster than those of a standard loan company. Repayment terms can vary but are typically between three and five years, although it is possible to get a loan over a twelve month period. Interest rates will also vary and can range from 0% to over 15% depending on the provider, so it's well worth comparing costs.

For example:

Repayments on a £4,000 loan taken out over 5 years and with an interest rate of 7% would by £79 a month. The same loan repaid over 12 months would cost £346 per month. It's also worth remembering that a longer loan may have lower monthly payments but the overall cost will be higher. Talking to a number of lenders will allow you to get the best rate for your individual circumstances.

Alternative Options For Financing A Breast Augmentation

Despite the problems that a bad credit history can bring, it is still possible to obtain financing for a breast augmentation surgery from certain companies; there are a select few that will offer payment plans to patients with a bad credit rating, though the interest rate on these plans will often be inflated compared to other companies.

If this is not an option then patients may wish to consider the possibility of pursuing a surgery abroad, where costs are generally far lower.

Breast augmentation, for example costs anywhere from £4,300 to £5,000 in the UK; however in countries such as Cuba these prices can be as low as £700. This also brings the benefits of taking in the sights of a foreign country before undergoing surgery. However patients who are considering this as an option should always consider the importance of doing appropriate research and not jumping into a surgery without researching on which clinic to choose first.

Financing your boob job has never been simpler.

What About The NHS?

The National Health Service may sometimes cover the costs of a patient's surgery; however this is very rare and follows strict guidelines that vary between primary care trusts and regions. Usually this surgery is reserved to people who are affected physically or mentally by their appearance or wish to undergo reconstructive breast augmentation surgery.

Further Questions About Financing Your Boob Job?

Have further questions about getting a finance package for your breast augmentation surgery? Why not get in touch and talk to one of our trained advisers who will be able to point you in the right direction.

Call our UK based advisers on 020 7424 3130 or alternatively fill in a few details at the top of this page to be connected with our network of clinics across the UK.

Alternately you can take a look at our breast augmentation surgery frequently asked questions section for answers to such questions as "How Can I Get A Breast Enlargement On The NHS?" and "Can I Get Breast Implants For Free?" as well as tips and advice for recovery from surgery and help to find the cheapest deals around.

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