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Breast Enlargement in Manchester

What does Breast Enlargement involve

Breast enlargement is a very popular form of surgery in the UK The procedure, which is also known as breast augmentation, is performed under a general anaesthetic. The operation usually takes under two hours. There are variations on the procedure spending on what effect the patient requires. Implants can be made of either silicone gel or a saline solution. The implants can either be placed behind the tissue of the breast, or behind the muscles of the chest. However, the overall procedure is similar in each case. The surgeon will make incisions at the side of the breast and then insert the implant. The nipple may then need to be moved to a more natural position.

Clinics in Manchester

Breast enlargement is carried out in private clinics rather than on the NHS as it is a cosmetic treatment. Exceptions are made for reconstructive work. In Manchester, there are many clinics offering breast enlargement surgery. There are comparison websites on the internet to help prospective patients choose between clinics by comparing the surgery offered and prices. Price comparison websites cannot provide all the information required. For that reason, it is important to visit the clinic. Many clinics in Manchester offer a free consultation to discuss which type of breast enlargement would be best suited to the individuals case and to give a personalised quote.

Costs of Breast Enlargement in Manchester

The cost of a breast enlargement in Manchester depends upon the patients needs and the clinic chosen. The costs are typically less than in London as Manchester clinics have lower running costs. On average, the price of breast enlargement in Manchester is between £3,500 and £5,000 so it's not your average cheap boob job. As this is quite a significant investment many clinics in Manchester offer payment plans to make the surgery more affordable. There are different plans available, but they include, buy now pay next year, six months interest free credit or repayments over twelve months. In addition, their are many loan companies based in Manchester specialising in finance for cosmetic surgery.

Recovery and Risks

Breast enlargement is an operation and as such a recovery period is required. Most patients will require an overnight stay in hospital. A supportive bra will need to worn for several days after the surgery to aid the healing. Patients typically require between one and four weeks off work and strenuous activity is to be avoided for four weeks. If the implants are placed under the chest muscle then activity may need to be avoided for a longer period. The main risks involved in the operation are scarring and infection. The surgeon will explain all the risks to you at your initial consultation.

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