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Breast Implant Reversal Surgery

Who has Breast Implants?

Breast implants are used during breast augmentation procedures carried out on women unhappy with the size or shape of their breasts. Femininity is an important characteristic to many women, particularly those women who feel that their physical form does not compare with the majority of other women that they may know. Having full breasts, not necessarily huge breasts, is often very important to women that do not have them or those who may have lost their breast firmness due to child birth or breast feeding. The beauty of having breast implants is that there is always the option of breast implant reversal surgery if the patient changes their mind after the procedure or discovers that it did not achieve the desired results.

What if I Don't Like My Breast Implants?

Perhaps due to the nature of personal dissatisfaction with breast size, the expectations of breast augmentation surgery and breast implants are often too high or inaccurate. Some women may feel that the breast implants fitted did not help change their feelings about their body in a positive way. This can often be due to the realization that breast size may not have actually been the root cause of their unhappiness. Whatever the reason, breast implant reversal surgery is easily achieved provided that one accepts the limitations of reversal surgery. The reversed breast procedure may not return breast shape and size exactly to their original state due to excess skin stretching over the breast implants and increased scar tissue. A breast lift or mastopexy operation may be needed to return breast shape and firmness to what it was prior to the initial breast implant procedure.

Reversal Procedure

During breast implant reversal surgery, incisions are made beneath the breasts, usually using the original entry point used for the breast augmentation procedure and around the areola of the nipple. Breast implant reversal surgery is performed under a general anesthetic and can take from as ten minutes to remove the breast implant up to two hours, depending on if a breast lift is required to firm the breasts or if there are any additional surgical corrections to be made.


Since the need for the breast implant reversal surgery may have been due to incorrect expectations of the original post operative results, careful thought must be given as to whether the reversal surgery will address the problem. It must be noted that the more cosmetic surgical procedures that are performed on the same area of the body, the less chance there is of achieving the aesthetic results desired. It is, therefore, crucial to receive comprehensive consultation sessions with a very senior cosmetic plastic surgeon to be sure that breast implant reversal surgery will address as many issues and concerns as possible.

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