Cost of Breast Implant Revision Surgery

When To Consider Breast Revision Surgery

Also called breast implant replacement surgery, breast implant revision surgery occurs when the modification or update of implants is required.

cost of breast revision surgery

This maintenance can help retain a youthful, natural look, or put right any complications or issues that arose during your initial surgery. This procedure involves the removal and normally replacement of your breast implants. You may wish to consider this procedure if you want to change the size of your breasts for example, or if you would like to switch between saline and silicone. Over time, your implants may deflate or rupture, which cause them to leak. If this is the case, you will need to consider immediate revision surgery to prevent any silicon particles being absorbed by the surrounding tissue.

Capsular contracture, or the tightening of the scar tissue around the breast implant, is common after surgery. However, too much tightening cause implants to shift and move, resulting in asymmetrical breasts. When you notice these or any other issues that mean you are not completely satisfied with your implants, it’s time to make an appointment with your surgeon to consider breast revision surgery.

Why Would You Need Revision Surgery?

There are many reasons women who have had breast implants need revision surgery. Firstly no implant can last forever and they will need to be replaced every ten to fifteen years. However, there are other reasons women have to go for revision surgery long before this time. The most common problem is that the woman is not happy with the results of the implants. Perhaps she is still not happy with her shape; the implants appear too big or too small. Some women decide to switch from saline to silicone implants or visa versa and some women decide simply to have them removed altogether. There are some more complicated problems that may mean the woman has to go back for revision surgery such as capsular contracture and replacing a ruptured or deflated implant. They also may need to correct other issues around the implant placement such as bottoming out, asymmetry or symmastia and general implant malposition.

Pros and Cons Of Breast Revision Surgery

There are many reasons why it can be beneficial to undergo breast revision surgery.

Firstly, it can help you retain a youthful looking shape, especially as you age and your body changes. If your weight has fluctuated significantly, having your breast implants redone can help retain a natural, proportional shape. You may also wish to increase or decrease your breast size after having lived with your implants for a while, and revision surgery will give you the opportunity to change the shape and size of your implants. You can also improve anything you are not happy with as a result of the initial surgery, such as asymmetrical breasts.

When making your decision however, you may also wish to think about the cons. More surgery means potentially more prominent scarring, and more anaesthesia introduced to your system. Gravity and the natural aging process will alter the shape of your breasts anyway, and you will need to account for the recovery time that can follow your surgery. Discussing your options with your GP and your surgeon (including your original surgeon if you are looking to work with someone new for the revision surgery) can help you make the right choice.

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How Much Could This Cost?

The price ranges for breast revision surgery is very varied. Women are often shocked to find out that this is usually more expensive than having the implants fitted in the first place. To have implants fitted originally it can cost anything from £3600 - £6000. The same amount or more could apply to revision procedures. However costs rarely go over £6000.

Why Does This Cost So Much?

The reason breast implant revision surgery costs so much is it is a much more complicated operation than simply having the implants fitted. As mentioned the cost can vary greatly, depending on which procedure the woman wants done. A simple change of implants style or size with no change in placement is likely to cost roughly the same as was paid for the original implant operation. Procedures such as correcting capsular contracture and adjusting the placement of the implant from sub–glandular to sub–pectoral is more involved and will no doubt cost a lot more. The more complex the surgery the more the price. Women will also need to add on the costs for any complications that may arise that were not anticipated by your consultant. They will also need to add on more costs if their stay in the hospital is longer than anticipated.

Can I Get This Done Cheaper?

The only way to find a cost that is suitable to your needs is to shop around before booking surgery. Many women will simply return to the clinic they had the implants done in. If it's found that the problem is down to the surgeon's error then some or all of the costs may be covered by the clinic itself. This should be what you look into first. The terms of your original enlargement should be looked into properly to find out if the surgeon is at any way at fault for needing further surgery. Some women may decide to switch clinics as they were unhappy with the original operation. If you do this you will have to make absolutely certain that the surgeon you are looking at is registered and has a vast experience with revision surgery. If the woman wants to try and get the most cost effective deal for revision then the only way to do so is to contact each clinic directly and get them to give you a quote for the basic revision surgery. Most clinics are more than happy to give you a quote either in person, over the phone or even online. The woman should always remember to add on extra costs in case of complications so they can budget accordingly.

How is it Performed?

There are a number of procedures through which your surgeon may wish to alter your breast implants.

What they will use will depend on what is required. For example, a change in implant or replacement will call for your surgeon to use the same original scar to make an incision, and remove excess scar tissue to accommodate the new implant. This will be the same process when dealing with a capsular contracture, or with rippling of the implants. Your surgeon can also use the initial incision to correct things like a breast implant malposition, which occurs when the implants have moved or were inserted too close together or too far apart, and to handle things like implant removal.

If you require nipple corrective surgery, such as lifting or repositioning of the nipple and/or areola, new incisions will need to be made. How many and where about on the breast these occur will depend on your specific circumstances. Ultimately the way the procedure is carried out will be in your best interests to minimise the amount of time spent in surgery, whilst providing you with the best possible results. Speak to your surgeon about the specific issue that needs to be corrected to find out more about the procedure they will choose.

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Aftercare and Recovery

As your revision surgery is likely to be similar to your initial surgery, the amount of time spent in postoperative recovery will be about the same. You will likely have to remain in hospital overnight for observation, and will be unlikely to drive yourself home. While you can be up and about, strenuous activity should be avoided, and it may take several days if not weeks for you to return to doing normal activities. It is standard to experience tenderness, swelling and bruising, and your doctor may prescribe some painkillers to help you manage the discomfort. Keeping the area dry and the bandages clean is imperative to reduce the onset of infection.

Your surgeon will be best placed to advise you about how much time off work you will need, but you should set aside a couple of weeks at least. They will also take you through any aftercare instructions you may need to follow, such as changing your compression bandages, and they’ll discuss what is normal and what could be a sign of a complication. If you have had your implants removed altogether and did not receive any new ones, the recovery time may be substantially less.

How Long Will The Results Last?

Like your initial implants, your new implants should last for several years if there are no complications.

Your breast implant revision surgery should remain stable unless your weight fluctuates significantly. Factors such as the material used (silicone or saline) and the weight of the implant will play a determining factor in how long the results last, as will the natural aging process, which can cause breasts to droop. It is a good idea to schedule check-up appointments with your surgeon, so that they can monitor the results and be quickly alerted to any changes that could signal complications.

Should you notice anything that feels or looks abnormal (or even just different than it used to), contact your surgeon immediately. Early detection can potentially prevent the need for further surgery, or isolate a problem quickly so that surgery can take place to resolve the issue. If you are unsure about what is or is not to be expected, make sure you maintain regular contact with your cosmetic surgery and ask plenty of questions so that you can feel comfortable with your new implants.

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