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Getting A Free Boob Job In The UK

What Is A Boob Job?

A 'boob job' is the term often referred to for breast augmentation surgery. Usually this involves the cosmetic surgical procedure of enlarging the breasts by means of implants. It could also refer to having a breast reduction done. Both types of cosmetic procedure are now routinely done at cosmetic surgery clinics and have become more and more popular over the last twenty years. Sometimes these surgical procedures have been done by the NHS but most happen at cosmetic clinics.

Reasons For A Boob Job?

There are many different reasons that a woman may choose to have a boob job. In the case of breast enlargements most women desire a larger bust, some because their breasts never developed properly during adolescence, some because they wish to regain their former figure after a pregnancy and breast feeding and some women simply desire a larger bust.

All women that wish to undergo this type of surgery need to make themselves fully aware of the risks of surgery before they undergo this invasive cosmetic surgery. Women are also expected to have a realistic expectation as to what a breast enlargement can do for them. In the case of a breast reduction the most common cause for surgery is back problems caused when the woman has too much breast tissue. Again having this surgery should be looked into very carefully before going ahead with treatment. Revision surgery for problems caused by the original operation can be very costly if the patient has to go private.

Free Boob Jobs

To get the original surgery done for free is not an easy thing to achieve in the UK. Most women who go for the usual breast implants find that they will have to pay at a cosmetic clinic anything between £3,000-£6,500 for the operation. Again the cost could be even higher if the original procedure does not go according to plan.

breast enlargement patient

There are very few women that will be able to get a free boob job as these will need to be done under the care of the NHS. As a boob job is considered, in most cases, to be a cosmetic procedure the NHS will not pay for this to be done. However, there are exceptions to the rule. To get a free boob job the patient in question will need to prove to a team of doctors, councillors and psychologists that their condition is affecting their way of life and well being. Sometimes it is the case that the woman may become depressed due to her 'smaller' breast size. If the doctors and psychologists agree that this is having a direct mental affect on the patient than they may well be approved for a free boob job. If the case does get proven there is still a long waiting list for treatment to consider.

In the case of a boob job for breast reduction the case may be simpler to achieve through the NHS, but by no means easy. The most common reason for a woman to be given a free reduction is back pains associated with the weight from her breast. If the woman is depressed about her large breasts she will also have to prove that it is having a profound mental effect on her everyday wellbeing. These are generally the only ways that a patient will be considered for a free “boob job”.

How Do I Get This Done?

The first step to take would be to talk to your GP about the problem. If after a length of time your doctor feels that the problem is having a negative effect on your well being they will refer you to a counsellor. The counsellor will probably try to sort out the patients problems in the first instance by building up her self confidence so that surgery may not in fact be needed. Again, after a period of time if the counsellor feels that the operation would in fact be the best option for the patient they will be referred to the hospital for talks with a surgeon and perhaps another counsellor or psychologist for further analysis.

The hospital will make sure that the patient knows exactly what they are doing and will require the patient to attend a number of sessions with their team of experts before final surgery is approved. In the case of the woman requesting a breast reduction the same kinds of analysis will be expected, but, if she can medically prove her back problems and it can be proved they are caused by her breasts then surgery is likely to be approved.

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