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Pay Monthly Breast Enlargement

What Is Breast Enlargement Surgery?

Breast enlargement, also known as breast augmentation, is a more and more popular cosmetic surgery performed to enlarge the breasts or change the shape of them which is becoming a more and more popular cosmetic surgery. This is done by placing saline or silicone gel implants in the breasts. The reasons for undergoing this operation can vary with some being done for medical reasons and majority being carried out for cosmetic reasons. The operation can not only improve the appearance of the person’s breasts but it can also improve their self image and their confidence.

How Can It Be Paid For?

Breast enlargement can cost anything from £3000 to £5000 and it therefore used to only be afforded by rich and famous people. Cosmetic surgery of this type is not covered by insurance companies or by private medical cover as they consider breast augmentation to be a non-essential type of surgery. The only time this will change is if
it can be proved to be undertaken because of there being an urgent medical need.

Breast augmentation patient

Can I Pay In Installments?

In order to open up this type of procedure to everyone, many clinics can arrange finance which can be repaid on a monthly basis allowing the patient to pay for their enhancement over a number of months. This also removed the need to have any amount to pay before the surgery is carried out. By choosing this type of finance arrangement you can decide on an affordable amount to be paid back each month. You can even consider a loan from your bank or building society which can also be paid back monthly.

What Other Options Are Available?

One of the other ways of paying is by taking advantage of a 'Buy now, pay later' scheme. This gives you the chance to take up to six months before paying any money. The choice is then yours to either pay off the amount due in full or to pay an amount each month for an extended time. If you choose to pay over a period of time then your loan will incur interest each month.

Alternatively it is possible to take your finance on a low monthly repayment basis where you can pay a lump sum of around 65% in the first month and then split the rest of the amount over a number of months without paying any interest. It is also an option to shop around finance companies to get the best deal on a loan. As finance companies are only in the market to lend money, they will not even ask for more specific details about what you require the loan for.

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