Allergan Breast Implants

The breast augmentation procedure has been in use for decades but has leaped into popularity more recently due to the many celebrities that have publicly endorsed the breast enlargement procedure, even if it is approval by association. Allergan is the company that has been behind over a million of breast augmentation procedures.

Allergan Breast Implants

Allergan breast implants, known as the Natrelle collection 410 or Natrelle 410, have been the choice of so many breast implant surgeons when recommending which breast augmentation procedures to have. The Allergan implant is made of superior quality materials and has a sound reputation within the medical industry.

Choosing the Right Allergan Implant

allergan breast implants

Choosing the right implant is the crucial part of a successful breast enlargement procedure because the desired outcome is specific to each patient. The Naterelle range of implants by Allergan has a wide variety of shapes, sizes, feel and profile, to meet the need of every patient and it is essential that the right guidance is received by a qualified doctor when deciding on which implant to use.

Allergan Round or Tear Drop implants

The shape of the implant is decided by the patient and will depend on their preference. Tear drop implants have been highlighted as the more natural looking implant, but again, that is not definitive, it is a personal choice. Other factors such as texture and type are generally decided on after consultation with the surgeon involved.

Breast Implant Placement

Where the Allergen breast implants will be placed is discussed with the surgeon conducting the surgical procedure, taking into consideration body type, breast tissue, implant size and type. Implants can be placed under the muscle (subpectoral) or above the muscle (subglandular).

Incision Sites For Allergan Implants

There are three possible places through which the Allergan breast implant can be inserted into the breast area:

  • Inramammary incision – this incision is just below the fold of the breast and provides the surgeon with the best possible access to where the implant will be inserted and has fast recovery times. Any size implant can be accommodated with the inframammary incision and it can be well hidden.
  • Periareola incision – incision is made around the border of the dark skin surrounding the nipple. It has fast revovery times but cannot accommodate every size of implant.
  • Transaxillary incision – very well concealed incision far away from the breast area under the armpit. The recovery times are not as fast and not every size and shape of implant enter through incision.

It is essential that professional medical advice from an appropriately qualified breast implant surgeon is sought before making a decision about any cosmetic surgery procedure.

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What's Special About Allergan Implants?

The American Company “Allergan” has been a leader in the medical rejuvenation industry for over 30 years. Through their scientific discovery, market innovation and partnering of medical communities, they have taken their passion and expertise and applied them to the creation of the industry’s most widely used breast implants. The “Natrelle” collection offers the widest range of safe, high quality implant options available to the market with 500 styles to choose from. With four different gel types, four “projections” moderate, moderate+, high and extra high, and a choice of smooth or the patented “Biocell” texture, there is an implant for every size and body shape.

Who Uses Allergan Implants?

Two of the leading providers of Aesthetic Cosmetic Surgery in the UK, 'The Hospital Group' and the 'Harley Medical Group', use nothing but the Allergan implants for all of their breast augmentation, revision and reconstructive procedures. 'The Hospital Group' uses the Allergan Standard CUI implants as they are highly recommended by top cosmetic surgeons, and are a popular choice for both augmentation and uplift surgery. They also offer the top of the range Natrelle implants for their most discerning clients who are prepared to pay more for a truly amazing product which gives excellent results.

Allergan implants are also used in all 31 clinics and hospitals of the 'Harley Medical Group'. They feel the ranges of options offered by Allergan are critical to achieving the individualized, aesthetic result for all the different body types they cater for.

With clinics and hospitals in London, Nottingham and Manchester the 'Tonic Cosmetic Surgery' Company, also prefer to use Allergen as they feel them to be the best implants available in todays market. They offer; Allergan CUI Standard, Naturelle Style, Soft Touch and Inspire as they find this selection give both surgeon and client the best option of achieving those 'custom made', natural looking breasts.

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