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With a female population in excess of 153,000 and a fluctuating demographic of young students and graduates, Nottingham has a thriving potential client base of women who are seeking the services of a safe, professional, and experienced cosmetic surgery provider.

Nottingham Breast Enlargement Specialists

Mark Henley - Mapperly Park Clinic

Mark Henley has been practising as a consultant plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon in the city since achieving his FRCS (Plast) in 1993. Prior to entering into private practice, he served in the Royal Navy for 10 years, seeing active service during the Falkland's conflict for which he received a commendation for his work among the wounded.

Following his discharge, Mr Henley worked within the NHS gaining experience and extending his area of expertise. He currently holds an official post in BAAPS and is Chairman of BAPRAS (British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons). Working at clinics in the BMI Park Hospital, the Nottingham Woodthorpe Hospital, Nuffield Health in Derby, and the Mapperly Park Clinic in Nottingham, patients have a choice of locations for consultation and treatment.

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Mr Henley believes that effective consultation holds the key to a successful breast augmentation procedure. During his in depth initial consultation, he will discuss the patient's requirements, whether they would like a natural or more enhanced result, and offer expert advice based on body frame, dimensions of the chest wall and the texture of the skin. He will also make a comprehensive assessment of general health, medical history and any medication or allergies which the patient has.

During these consultations, Mark does encourage all individuals to be completely honest about their lifestyle choices and any associated factors which may impact on their surgery or recovery. Excessive use of alcohol, recreational drugs or heavy smoking can all have serious implications on the successful outcome of a breast augmentation procedure and these issues should be addressed to allow for an effective assessment to be made. He suggests that any potential patients should read the booklet produced by the Patient Liaison Group for the Royal College of Surgeons. The pamphlet is full of invaluable information and has a checklist of questions which it is helpful to ask during the consultation.

Because Mark offers a bespoke service to his patients, he prefers not to quote any general guidance on surgical fees. His Practice Manager or Patient Coordinator will be happy to discuss your needs on application.

Tonic Cosmetic Surgery

The founder Kay Franklin founded Tonic Cosmetic Surgery Centre on Regent Street, Nottingham on 20 years of experience within the disciplines of cosmetic surgery and specifically breast augmentation and weight loss surgery. With all procedures being performed in their luxurious local hospital by NHS consultant surgeons patients can rest assured that they will receive the very best when they arrive for a consultation.

John Ryan - MYA

Founded by cosmetic surgery industry pioneer, John Ryan, the MYA (Make Yourself Amazing) chain of clinics now has a large presence throughout the UK including a location in Mapperly Nottingham. Their high quality services and established reputation has attracted a number of celebrity clients including TV Presenter, Imogen Thomas and TOWIE girls, Lauren Pope, Marie Fowler and Lauren Goodger.

The clinics provide a tailor-made treatment and care package for each patient including:

  • Free initial consultation and information pack.
  • The services of a dedicated Patient Coordinator throughout their treatment.
  • Free referral and consultation with one of MYA highly experienced cosmetic surgeons.
  • All pre-operative medical tests and assessments.
  • The breast augmentation procedure using high quality Allegan implants with overnight, private hospital accommodation.
  • An aftercare policy including all post operative check ups and assessments.
  • Access to a 24 hour helpline offering advice, reassurance and emergency information if required.

Mr Ryan insists on the highest standards of clinical and customer care in his clinics, all of which are CQC (Customer Quality Care) registered. His team of dedicated professionals are available to answer any questions concerning breast augmentation options and finances from anyone seeking advice.

Stephen McCulley - Mapperly Park

Mr Stephen McCulley, in addition to his private practice work at the Redcliffe Rooms, Mapperly Park, works in the NHS Nottingham City Hospital as a specialist in breast cancer care and reconstructive surgery. Listed on the GMC specialist register, Mr McCulley is also a member of BAAPS and BAPRAS and lectures frequently for the Royal College of Surgeons.

He insists on using only Mentor and Naturelle implants for his cosmetic procedures as he feels they offer the most effective and safe results for his patients. A general guide to breast augmentation fees start from £3,325-£4,695 including all pre-op tests, the procedure and overnight hospital stay, all follow up assessments, a 10 year guarantee on the implants and access to an emergency care or hospital re-admissions within 1 year of surgery.

As a practical suggestion, he advises any woman considering a breast augmentation to take a sealable freezer bag, fill it with raw rice or water and put it into a bra of the size which they are hoping to achieve from surgery. By varying the amounts by 25-50mls, it is possible to get a rough idea of what the outcome would look like. As an indication, 300ml added to an A cup bra would achieve a C/D cup result. Implants are measured, not in cup sizes, but in volume and are available from 80mls - 800mls with 200mls - 400mls being the most popular among patients.

Following the one to one and a half hour procedure, Mr McCulley advises his patients to adhere to the following timetable for recovery:

  • Days 1 - 4: Take it easy! No housework or running around after the children.
  • Days 5 - 14: Gradually build up your activity to include short walks and light shopping. By day 10 there should be no danger of damage to the wound.
  • Day 7: Post operative check up with your surgeon to ensure that all is as it should be and that the healing process is under way.
  • Weeks 3 - 6: By this time the patients should be back at work and able to resume normal activities. The bruising should have eased and the breasts will have softened, dropped slightly and feel more natural.
  • A follow up appointment with the surgeon will take place at approximately 3 months following the procedure. By 6 months the implants should have settled and feel completely natural.

Is Breast Augmentation Right for You?

Statistics recently released by BAAPS (British Association for Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons) indicate that the on going demand for breast augmentation surgery shows no signs of slowing down, with figures for 2011 showing an increase of 6.2% from the year before; the total number of procedures performed being 10,015. The impact of the PIP implant scandal which rocked the industry at the end of 2011 has yet to be felt but, for any women currently considering surgery, what other factors should be taken into consideration before she embarks on the journey?

All reputable cosmetic surgeons will advise their potential clients to be totally realistic about what it is they want to achieve from their procedure. A breast augmentation can improve your appearance and confidence, raise you level of self esteem and make your clothes fit better. What is cannot do is save a failing relationship, make you look thirty years younger or secure you the career of your dreams.

So how do you currently feel about your life? Are you experiencing any emotional traumas or stressful situations? Dealing with life's difficulties will inevitably impact on levels of judgement and may cause an individual to act on impulse - always go into any cosmetic procedure with a clear mind, having well researched your options and being absolutely certain that this is the right decision for you.

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