Boob Job Cost

Boob job prices can start from just £3,645 and increase to over £5,000. The price you will pay will depend on a number of factors including the size and type of breast implant inserted into your breasts and the surgeon who carries out your procedure.

Some clinics do not include essential services such as consultation fees and aftercare in the price of their breast enlargement surgery, meaning you will have to pay for these at an additional expense.

Most clinics make boob jobs more affordable by offering finance options to allow you to spread the cost of the surgery. Some women also travel abroad due to the cheap prices quoted overseas.

How Much Is A Boob Job?

A boob job is a surgical procedure in which an artificial implant is inserted into the breasts to increase their size. Boob jobs are the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery in the UK, with approximately 9,000 women having the procedure every year.

The average cost of breast enlargement surgery in the UK is approximately £4,300, but prices can range from just £3,645 to over £5,000. The following table provides you with the starting price of a boob job at some of the leading private cosmetic surgery clinics in the UK:

Clinic Starting Price
Aurora Clinics £5,285
Harley Medical Group £4,450
MyBreast £4,500
MYA £4,995
Spire Healthcare £4,315
The Hospital Group £4,595
The Private Clinic £5,285
Transform £4,250

Prices correct as of September 2017

Why Do Prices Vary?

As you can see from the table above, the starting price of a boob job varies between clinics. This can be explained by a range of factors which affect how much a clinic decides to charge for the procedure.

Your Implant Size

The bigger the implant, the more it will cost. Your surgeon will be able to advise you on the right size to suit your body shape and frame.

Your Implant Type

There are two types of implant available in the UK - silicone and saline implants. While both are made of a silicone outer shell, silicone implants are filled with a soft silicone gel whereas saline implants are filled with a salt water solution. Silicone implants are more commonly used in breast enlargement surgery, but tend to be more expensive than the saline alternative.

Your Implant Placement

where your implants are positioned in your breasts can affect the price of your boob job. Implants can be inserted on top of your chest muscle or underneath it, but your surgeon will be able to advise you on which placement is best for you.

The Surgeon Experience

All cosmetic surgeons in the UK must be registered with and licensed by the General Medical Council. Those who have worked for the NHS, or have been certified by the Royal College of Surgeons will have undergone intense training and have extensive experience in their field. These surgeons can charge you more for a breast augmentation surgery in order to use their specialist expertise.

The Clinic Reputation

Clinics with an outstanding reputation and a very high customer satisfaction rating can charge more for a boob job. Looking at reviews from former patients and before and after photos, as well as researching any awards a clinic has won, will provide you with a good indication about its prestige.

The Customer Care

A high level of customer care and comprehensive aftercare package can increase the price that a clinic charges for breast enlargement surgery.

The Hospital facility

Some clinics will perform your boob job in a hospital not owned by them. Because they are using a third party location, the hospital will charge fees for the use of their facilities such as the operating theatre and recovery room. These fees will be passed onto you, making your boob job more expensive.

Will You Be Charged Any Additional Costs?

Some clinics do not include essential services such as medical tests, hospital fees and aftercare appointments in their advertised prices. Instead these will be charged as extra on top of the cost of your boob job.

Choosing a clinic that offers you low cost surgery may therefore prove costlier than you think and ultimately make your breast enlargement surgery more expensive than prices offered by other clinics which you might have discounted for being too costly.

Many clinics do offer free consultations, however. Consultations provide you with an ideal opportunity to discuss with your patient coordinator what exactly is included in the price you have been quoted by the clinic for a boob job. Some good questions to ask are:

  • What happens if I’m not happy with the results of my breast implant surgery?
  • What is included in the aftercare package? Does it include post-operative follow-up appointments?
  • What happens if I require further treatment or surgery?
  • How long after my breast enlargement surgery am I covered for, in case something goes wrong?
  • Does the price include an overnight stay at the clinic or hospital if I need it?

Which cup size would you like to be?

What Are Your Finance Options for Boob Jobs?

The cost of a boob job can be too high for some people to pay for in one lump sum. However, many clinics now offer their patients the option of paying for their breast enlargement surgery on finance. This helps to make the procedure more affordable by spreading its cost over an extended period of time.

Below we have provided a summary of some of the finance options offered by leading breast surgery clinics in the UK. These involve you taking out a loan with the clinic to pay for your surgery.

You then pay this loan back over one to five years in small monthly payments at a fixed interest rate (APR). Some clinics do offer the option of an interest-free (0% APR) 6 or 12 month package, however.

Clinic Finance Options
Aurora Clinics
  • 14.9% APR over 12, 24, 36 or 60 months
Harley Medical Group
  • 9.9% APR over 12 or 24 months
  • 16.9% APR over 36 or 48 months
  • 16.9% APR over 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months
  • 0% APR over 12 months
  • 9.9% APR over 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months
Spire Healthcare
  • 16.9% APR over 36 months
The Hospital Group
  • 0% APR over 12 months
  • 9.9% APR over 60 months
The Private Clinic
  • 0% APR over 6 months
  • 4.9% APR over 12 months
  • 14.9% APR over 24, 36 or 48 months
  • 0% APR over 12 months
  • 16.9% APR over 24, 36, 48 or 60 months

Finance options correct as of September 2017

Should You Opt for the Cheapest Price?

We would not recommend choosing the cheapest boob job you can find. Whilst it is fine to choose the cheapest option in other times in life, putting your health at risk is not one of those.

What seems like a good deal on breast enlargement surgery could mean a poor standard of patient care, a less experienced surgeon and an unprofessional clinic. Whilst a cheap price doesn’t necessarily mean that your boob job will be riskier, it is worth keeping this in mind.

If you are looking for cheap breast enlargement, some clinics offer ‘flash sales’ or ‘special discounts’ on boob jobs. It is difficult to know when these come and go however, so we would recommend that you shop around several clinics to find the best value surgery.

Bear in mind however, that if you are looking to have very large breast implants, you may find that you can’t find a clinic offering a cheap boob job.

Should You Get A Boob Job Abroad?

It can be tempting to travel abroad for breast augmentation surgery due to the cheap prices offered by clinics overseas in countries such as Poland, Turkey and Thailand. There are many reasons why this is not a sensible choice, however. Here is why:

  1. The savings you make on the cost of surgery itself can be quickly eliminated by the cost of travel and accommodation, making the boob job more expensive than in the UK.

  2. The standards of clinics abroad aren’t always the same as here in the UK. You could be at risk of being operated on in an unclean clinic by an under-qualified surgeon, since some countries overseas have much less stringent standards on medical training and patient care. This could leave you much more vulnerable to surgical complications than in the UK.
breast surgery abroad

Can You Get A Boob Job For Free?

Breast enlargement surgery is not available on the NHS purely for cosmetic reasons. You may be eligible for a boob job on the NHS if you require reconstructive breast surgery or if your natural breasts have caused you to suffer severe psychological stress.

If you think you might be eligible for NHS-funded breast augmentation, then you should make an appointment with your GP for a referral to a breast surgeon who will carry out an assessment of your circumstances.

You may also be referred to a psychiatrist or psychologist for further examination. Your suitability for surgery on the NHS will be judged by your local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) who will evaluate your case based on the advice of the breast surgeon (and psychiatrist).

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