Breast Enlargement Without Surgery

What Is Breast Enlargement?

Breast enlargement is a surgery that many women are pressured into having due to the effects of child birth and old age on the size and contour of their breasts. Most women (and men) are often pushed down the route of cosmetic surgery to enlarge their breasts due to the lack of sufficient information regarding the possible options of breast enlargement without surgery. Natural breast enlargement uses breast enlargement pills, breast enlargement creams and lotions, exercises for strengthening pectoral muscles and suction bras.

breast enlargement without surgery

What Surgery Free Options Are there?

One of the newest options available in the United Kingdom for enlarging the breasts without surgery is to have an injection of cosmetic filler which claims to enlarge the breasts by one cup size. The injection contains hyaluronic acid which helps give the bodies' natural collagen a boost. The hyaluronic acid helps to give an immediate improvement in the fullness of the breast without any lumps. The treatment can take between thirty and ninety minutes to complete meaning that it is something that can be carried out in a lunch time. There are more natural ways of gaining a larger bust and these involve taking tablets to encourage the body to produce more breast tissue. These tablets use plant extracts and herbs such as fennel that help to raise the amount of oestrogen within the body. This treatment can take between two and six months for improvements to the fullness and size of the breasts to be seen depending on the age of the person taking the supplements.

Herbal Breast Enlargement Cream

Herbal treatments on offer for breast enlargement without surgery include herbal based creams. Herbal based breast enlargement creams contain natural herbs that help to stimulate new cell’s growth assisting enhancement and firmness in the breasts and help to revitalize and improve the breast tissue. If used regularly herbal breast enlargement cream can help to promote natural firmness and enhancement. Breast enlargement creams are offered as natural breast enhancement as they contain only herbal ingredients.

Herbal Breast Enlargement Pills

Another type of natural breast enhancement is breast enlargement pills. They are made from plant extracts and are reported to mimic the natural behavior of the female hormone, oestrogen. The herbal content of breast enlargement pills are chemicals called phyto estrogens and they are reported as activating the estrogen receptors in the breast tissue causing permanent enlargement by tricking the body into believing that the patient is pregnant.

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Are There Any Side Effects?

Although cosmetic filler treatment has had some trials done to monitor any side-effects these are ongoing and anyone receiving the treatment is added in to the research programme. Some patients have experienced some pain and swelling which can last up to a week. If you decide on the more natural approach of taking tablets to boost your oestrogen levels then there appear to be no particular side effects. However there is research being carried out to ensure that there are no long term effects caused by higher than average amounts of oestrogen in the body. It should also be remembered that it is possible to be allergic to herbs although it is very rare and that if you take other medication you should check with your doctor before commencing the tablets.

How Much Will It Cost?

Cosmetic filler can cost between £2,500 and £3,000 for the initial treatment with a further treatment needed in around twelve months. The second treatment is slightly cheaper costing around £1,400. Three months supply of oestrogen enhancing tablets can cost around £200 with a need to continue taking a reduced amount for several months after the desired effects have been achieved. The cheapest option is to take up exercise to improve and tone the pectoral muscles; this will have the effect of lifting and firming the breasts.

Other Types of Breast Enlargement without Surgery

Suction bras and vacuum pumps are aimed at using the suctioning method to stimulate the breast cells and promote breast growth over a period of time if the bra is worn for 10 consecutive hours a day. Risks are minimal and only the initial purchase is necessary so the cost of breast enlargement without surgery is fixed and relatively cheap with this option.

Diet and Exercise

Did you know that by changing your diet and exercise, you can potentially boost your bust?

When you gain weight, this weight can add to your bust size as well. By adding foods rich in omega fats into your diet, you can add a few pounds that could make all the difference to your breast size. In addition to adding fat, you can also build the muscles in your breasts, called the pectoral muscles. These chest muscles can make a big difference in the pertness of your breasts, and therefore the perceived size. Exercises such as push-ups require no equipment or expensive gym memberships, and naturally tone the muscles in the chest area. Chest presses and weight lifting can also develop these muscles, and it’s important to also focus on your shoulder and upper back muscles to provide support as your develop your chest. By doing just a few reps each week, you should be able to see a noticeable difference.

Herbal Breast Enlargement Safety

Herbal extracts are very natural and most drugs originated from herbs. The quantity of each herb and the mixture used may determine the effects but just as with modern chemicals, the wrong mixture or quantity can be harmful. It is therefore important that medical advice be taken before taking any medication including herbal ones. Many herbal mixtures have not been rigorously tested for short or long term side effects and it would be wise to get further information from a GP on specific herbal products that are being considered as natural breast enhancement without surgery.

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