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With breast enlargement surgery costing upwards of £3,645, many clinics in the provide finance options to help make the procedure more affordable by spreading its cost over many months.

There are specific requirements that you must meet in order to qualify for financial assistance. These differ between clinics, but usually require you to be over the age of 18, in full-time employment and living at a permanent UK address.

If you have a bad credit score you will find it difficult to enter into a financial agreement, but there are some finance companies that do offer loans for breast augmentation to people with a poor credit history.

Can You Get A Boob Job On Finance?

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The cost of breast enlargement can be too expensive for you to pay for in one lump sum, which can mean that your much-desired surgery would need to be put on hold.

Thankfully though, most cosmetic surgery clinics in the UK now offer finance options to help you spread the cost of the procedure and make it more affordable.

The exact finance options available to you for breast enlargement surgery will differ between clinics, but they tend to follow the same framework. You’ll need to pay an upfront deposit in order to secure your surgery date.

You’ll then need to pay a pre-agreed, fixed sum of money every month over a fixed time period. Most loans are paid back over 12 months, but can be repaid over a period of up to 60 months (five years).

There will be a fixed APR attached to your monthly repayments which determines how much interest you’ll be paying on your loan each month. Some clinics do provide interest-free finance options, however.

Below provides you with an example of the representative monthly payments for boob jobs on finance at some of the UK’s leading cosmetic surgery clinics:

Clinic Cost Deposit Finance Options Total Amount Paid
Aurora Clinics £4,990 £500
  • 14.9% APR x 12 months = £403.08 per month
  • 14.9% APR x 24 months = £215.51 per month
  • 14.9% APR x 36 months = £153.39 per month
  • 14.9% APR x 60 months = £104.40 per month
  • £5,336.96
  • £5,672.24
  • £6,022.04
  • £6,764.00
Harley Medical Group £4,450 £500
  • 9.9% APR x 12 months = £361.75 per month
  • 9.9% APR x 24 months = £180.88 per month
  • 16.9% APR x 36 months = £128.27 per month
  • 16.9% APR x 48 months = £96.20 per month
  • £4,841.00
  • £4,841.12
  • £5,128.52
  • £5117.60
MyBreast £4,000 £500
  • 16.9% APR x 12 months = £362.39 per month
  • 16.9% APR x 24 months = £195.31 per month
  • 16.9% APR x 36 months = £140.07 per month
  • 16.9% APR x 48 months = £112.78 per month
  • 16.9% APR x 60 months = £96.67 per month
  • £4,848.68
  • £5,187.44
  • £5,542.52
  • £5,913.44
  • £6,300.20
MYA £4,995 £500
  • 9.9% APR x 12 months = £392.00 per month
  • 9.9% APR x 24 months = £206.00 per month
  • 9.9% APR x 36 months = £144.00 per month
  • 9.9% APR x 48 months = £113.00 per month
  • 9.9% APR x 60 months = £94.00 per month
  • £5,204.00
  • £5,444.00
  • £5,684.00
  • £5,924.00
  • £6,140.00
Transform £4,250 £500
  • 0% APR x 12 months = £312.50 per month
  • 16.9% APR x 60 months = £86.88 per month
  • £4,250.00
  • £5,712.80

Prices correct as of September 2017

Cosmetic surgery clinics make it easy to apply for a boob job loan. You can either apply over the telephone or in your chosen clinic with your patient coordinator. It usually only takes around ten minutes to complete your application and you’ll be told straight away if you’re eligible for financial assistance.

If you’re accepted, you’ll be talked through your different loan options and helped to decide which one suits you best. You’ll then need to set up a simple direct debit payment agreement to begin making your monthly payments.

Most clinics partner with an external finance company to provide boob jobs on finance, such as Zebra Finance and First Medical Loans. This means that your payments are safe and regulated, and that you’ll always have a clear understanding from the start of how much your monthly payments are, and how long the payback period is.

Factors You Should Consider

Before entering into a finance agreement for breast enlargement surgery, there are certain things to keep in mind:

  • Length of loan: the longer the payback period of the loan, the higher the interest rate can be. This will increase the total amount you’ll pay back for your surgery. Conversely, the shorter the duration of the loan the less you’ll pay in total, but each monthly repayment will be higher.

  • Deposit: nearly all loan agreements can only be set up after you have paid an initial deposit to book the day of your surgery. This is usually around £500, but can be more. Ensure you have enough money available to pay this.

  • Terms and conditions: read these carefully and ask questions about anything you don’t understand. Also look out for any penalties or added charges if you default on a payment so as to avoid any nasty surprises.

  • Aftercare: if something goes wrong after your breast surgery, you may need additional care or corrective surgery. If this isn’t included in the overall cost of your boob job, then you’ll need to pay for it on top of the cost of your loan.

  • How much can you afford: think about your other monthly outgoings and only enter into a finance agreement that you know you can afford.

Which cup size would you like to be?

Are You Eligible For Boob Job Finance?

Each clinic and their partnering finance company will have their own set of requirements that you must meet in order to qualify for financial assistance. It is important therefore that you research these before entering into any financial agreement to ensure that you will be accepted. However, they will usually include the following agreements:

  • Age: most clinics will only offer finance options to patients over the age of 18, but sometimes the age limit will be higher at 21 years old.

  • Employment: you will need to prove that you have been in full-time employment for at least 12 months, but some clinics will even ask for a three-year employment history. If you are self-employed, you may also need to own your own home to be eligible.

  • Salary: you will have to prove that you earn over a minimum amount of money each month. This is often around £1,000, although it could be more.

  • Credit status: you will often need a good credit status, with no County Court Judgements (CCJs), defaults on payments or bankruptcy.

  • UK residency: most clinics will need you to prove that you currently live in the UK, and have done for at least three years.

  • Direct debits: you often need to have a bank account that you can set up direct debit payments from in order to pay back your repayments every month. However some finance companies do accept cash or cheques.

What If You Have A Bad Credit Rating?

If you default on a loan, credit card or mortgage repayment, or have a County Court Judgement (CCJ) or a bankruptcy, you are at a high risk of having a bad credit rating. This will make it hard for you to get a boob job on finance.Bear in mind that never paying for anything on credit before will mean that you won’t even have a credit score, which can also make it difficult to be accepted for financial assistance.

If you do have a bad credit rating, getting a boob job on finance is not impossible. There are a limited number of finance companies in the UK that do provide special financial deals for those with a poor credit history.

Be aware however, that these lenders tend to provide credit with a highly inflated interest rate (APR), meaning that you will pay back much more than the actual cost of the breast enlargement procedure.

It is also possible to improve your credit score. Managing your finances and debts carefully and not defaulting on payments is a good habit to have, and can prove to future lenders that you’ve overcome any financial problems.

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Also avoid continuously applying for loans knowing that you will get rejected, as finance companies will avoid providing loans to anyone who has been refused financial assistance numerous times.

What Are Your Alternative Payment Options?

An alternative to financing your breast enlargement surgery is to travel abroad for the operation, where prices tend to be cheaper in countries such as Turkey, the Czech Republic and Poland.

There are additional factors you should consider before choosing this option however, including the cost of flights and accommodation, the different healthcare regulations and standards overseas, and potential language barriers.

Another option is to get a boob job for free through the NHS, however the acceptance criteria is very strict meaning only a tiny percentage of women are accepted for the procedure. To qualify, you would normally have to have had a mastectomy following breast cancer, or to have lost your breasts in an accident. Those with severe psychological trauma caused by small or uneven breasts may also qualify, but the decision is made on a case by case basis by your local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

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