Cheap Boob Jobs and Going Abroad

To find a cheap boob job we recommend that you compare prices from several different clinics. Some clinics will also advertise one-off special deals for breast enlargement surgery, which can save you a lot of money.

Some women travel overseas to countries such as the Czech Republic and Thailand for a cheap boob job as the prices are often much lower than in the UK.

Many UK clinics do provide finance packages to make the surgery more affordable however, and the NHS do offer a limited number of breast augmentation procedures every year, but there is a very strict eligibility criteria.

Finding Cheap Breast Enlargement In The UK

In the UK the average price of a boob job is approximately £4,300, with prices ranging from £3,645 to more than £5,000. This variation in price depends on a number of factors which you should take into account when looking for cheap breast augmentation. They include:

  • Implant size: generally the larger the implant, the more it will cost.

  • Implant type: silicone implants tend to be slightly more expensive than saline implants.

  • Clinic: the same group of clinics may have a different price in one location to another. Also, the reputation of the clinic may impact on the price too. Clinics with an outstanding reputation can charge more for the surgery.

  • Surgeon: different surgeons, anaesthetists and surgical teams have different fees. Typically the more experienced a surgeon is, the more they will charge for the procedure.

  • Type of surgery: deciding whether to have your implant under the skin or under the muscle will also affect the price.

Choosing to have smaller implants and a less complex surgical procedure can help to keep costs down, however we would not advise choosing a less experienced surgeon or a clinic that does not have a good reputation as this can put you at a serious risk of poor patient care and complications arising from the surgery.

Alternatively, some clinics do also offer one off deals or ‘flash sales’ on boob jobs which could save you a lot of money. It it is difficult to predict when these will come and go however, and they often have strict terms and conditions attached to them. For example, they are usually only valid for a limited time period and the discount is typically only available on a select number of treatments. Always do your research and check several different clinics. You could also sign up to their email newsletters which will notify you when there are any special offers on breast surgery.

Be aware though that clinics that might look like they’re offering cheap boob jobs might not have added on essential costs such as consultations and aftercare to their advertised prices. These can quickly add up, eliminating any savings you made on the price of the surgery. Always check what prices include so as to avoid any nasty surprises.

Breast Enlargement Abroad

Travelling overseas for cosmetic surgery is known as medical tourism. This is becoming increasingly popular amongst women wanting to have breast enlargement surgery. This is mainly because the cost of the procedure is comparatively more in the UK when compared with prices advertised overseas. Countries such as India, the Czech Republic and Turkey generally offer the cheapest boob jobs abroad. We have provided you with some examples of the starting price of breast enlargement surgery in a selection of countries around the world.

The Cost Of Boob Jobs In Europe

Country Starting Price
Belgium £2,600
Czech Republic £2,500
Hungary £2,600
Poland £2,800
Spain £4,200
Turkey £2,400

The Cost Of Boob Jobs Across The Rest Of The World

Country Starting Price
India £1,100
Malaysia £4,700
Mexico £3,200
Thailand £2,900
Vietnam £1,300

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Factors To Consider

If you are considering having a boob job abroad, you are advised to carry out thorough research before undergoing the procedure. You can do this yourself, or use the services of a specialist medical tourism agency who can arrange everything for you.

When doing research, cost is only one small factor that should influence your final decision on whether to get breast enlargement surgery overseas. Below is a list of important things that you should also take into account:

  • Language barrier: if you don’t speak the language of the country you’re visiting, then make sure the staff at the clinic can speak good English. Make sure you’ll be able to have a conversation with everyone from the patient coordinator to your surgeon to the nursing staff. It’s crucial that you understand the whole process and that you’ll be able to ask any important questions you may have.

  • Surgeon qualifications: in the UK, all cosmetic surgeons have to be registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) in order to practice. Overseas, the mandatory qualifications to practice may vary, so make sure that you research what professional body your surgeon is a member of. They shouldn’t be at all offended if you ask to see their training history and examples of their previous work.

  • Clinic hygiene: all medical premises are regulated by the Healthcare Commission in the UK. This makes sure they have high standards of care, cleanliness and hygiene. Abroad these regulations can vary and may not be as tightly monitored, leaving you at risk of illness and poor patient care. Check the medical standards in countries overseas and ensure that your chosen clinic has a contingency plan if things go wrong, such as a loss of electricity or flooding.

  • Flights and accommodation: the cost of getting to your chosen clinic and having somewhere to stay is additional to the cost of your surgery. This can add up to a significant expense, therefore eliminating any savings you made on the surgery itself. You also won’t be able to fly immediately after a boob job (it is advised that you wait at least 5 to 7 days), so this is worth considering if you feel like you’ll want to be in the comfort of your own home in the days immediately after surgery.

  • Insurance: your typical travel insurance will not cover you for your breast enlargement surgery abroad. If you do go overseas with just conventional insurance, it may become completely invalid. You will need to take out specialist medical travel insurance. This will cost significantly more, but will cover you for any unexpected circumstances such as the surgery being cancelled.

  • NHS cover: when you return home the NHS will be able to treat you in the event of a medical emergency as a result of your surgery, such as excessive bleeding. If however, your breast implants are uneven, bottom heavy or starting to harden, then you will need to pay to go back to your clinic abroad. Alternatively, you can arrange to see a private surgeon in the UK, but as they did not carry out your boob job it can make it more difficult to resolve the issue quickly.

  • Aftercare and follow-ups: aftercare may not be included in the price you are quoted for your breast augmentation surgery. It may be charged as an additional expense which could amount to a large sum. You will need to attend follow-up appointments with your surgeon which will require you to return to the country where you had the procedure, meaning flights and accommodation won’t be a one-off cost.

Are There Other Options For Cheap Boob Jobs?

If you’re not keen on going abroad for a cheap boob job, there are several other options available for getting low-cost breast enlargement. They include getting finance through a private clinic, or getting your surgery funded by the NHS.

If you can’t afford to pay for the surgery upfront in the UK, many clinics offer finance packages for breast enlargement surgery. This will help you spread the cost of your procedure, making it more affordable.

If you choose to pay for your boob job using finance, most clinics will charge you a deposit of around £500 to secure your surgery booking. You will then need to pay a fixed, monthly sum of money over an extended period of time at a fixed APR.

The payment options will be entirely at the clinic’s discretion, and each clinic will have their own terms and conditions. There will usually be a credit check beforehand, and even if a poor credit history initially stifles attempts to secure funding for breast enlargement surgery then finance can sometimes be found through 3rd party lenders.

Alternatively, some women are eligible for a boob job on the NHS. This is usually after a mastectomy due to cancer, or after losing their breasts in an accident. In very rare circumstances, women with severe psychological problems relating to small or uneven breasts can qualify for breast implants on the NHS. The number of breast augmentation procedures available on the NHS is limited, and so whether or not you could receive one will largely depend on your Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

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