Breast Enlargement On Harley Street

For many years Harley Street has been seen as setting the "gold standard" in all aspects of medical care, and level of expertise amongst its clinicians. When it comes to breast enlargements, a Harley Street surgeon will only use the most effective, tried and tested products and procedures for their patients, in order to achieve the safest and best results.

Is Breast Enlargement Right For Me?

Women chose to have breast enlargement for a variety of reasons. It is most common for women with asymmetrical breasts, small breasts or breasts that have lost their shape due to pregnancy and breastfeeding to select this procedure. If you select to have breast augmentation it is vital that you research and consult medical advice prior to surgery.

breast enlargement on harley street

Some of the most popular reasons for breast enlargement are:

  • To increase self-confidence
  • To have symmetrical breasts
  • To achieve an hourglass figure
  • To increase volume and change shape following breastfeeding
  • To achieve a firmer shape as a result of the natural aging process

Aftercare and Recovery

Aftercare is vital in ensuring the success of your surgery. Your clinic will provide you with a dedicated team, who will help you through your first consultation to appointments following the operation.

Before you’re discharged from the hospital, you will be given post-operative advice and emergency contact details. Due to the level of skill and experience on hand from the surgeon, the potential of risk and side effects are greatly reduced, giving patients added confidence and peace of mind. There is also a greater continuity of care on offer, with each patient having the services of a nurse counsellor who will be assigned to follow them throughout their consultation and procedure, and into aftercare and beyond. For women with silicone gel-filled breast implants, it is recommended to have an MRI three years after the procedure and then every two years after that. Alongside this it’s also important to regularly check your breasts and monitor any changes in the shape, size or position of your implants.

Following your surgery, you will be required to stay overnight and wear a specially designed supportive bra 24 hours a day for a selected period. After this you will be required to wear a sports bra until your surgeon informs you that you are ready to wear normal underwear and resume daily activity. As every patient is different recovery times can vary. On average most patients will make a full recovery in four to six weeks following the operation.

Which Harley Street Clinics Perform Breast Augmentations?

The “Harley Medical Group” is located at No. 6 Harley Street, and also has clinics around the UK. Committed to the highest standards of customer care, they are dedicated to enhancing and improving the lives of their clients through the application of the correct cosmetic procedure to meet their needs.

The Clinic Manager, Anna Silsby and her team, take a holistic approach to designing the correct treatment plan for their clients, ensuring they achieve the results they want and making it easy for them to maintain their new look. The cost of Breast Enlargement starts from £3,400-£7,000 with flexible finance plans available. It is possible to pay from £99 per month at a variable rate of 19.8%, or take a 0% interest free payment plan with a £500 deposit and 12 equal, interest free instalments. “Harley Medical’s” team of customer care consultants will be happy to answer your queries.

Dr Alexandrides

Dr Alexandrides, the highly respected plastic surgeon, has his clinic at the heart of the capitals medical community at 111, Harley Street. With his team of dedicated professionals Dr Alexandrides offers a wide range of aesthetic and surgical procedures including Breast Enlargement. A strong emphasis is put on the importance of an in-depth, honest consultation between the patient and their surgeon, to discuss the procedural options available and the results expected. The clinic offers their “More Natural” treatment package which includes Fraxel Laser sessions following the enlargement surgery; a scar revision technology which can reduce the visible effects by up ro 80%. Dr Alexandrides uses only FDA approved, Allergan implants for his Breast Augmentation procedures, offering a full life-time guarantee, they are considered to be among the premier products on the market.

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The London Medical and Aesthetic Clinic

Situated at 1, Harley Street, the London Medical and Aesthetic Clinic is run by Dr Ayham-Al-Ayoubi, a cosmetic surgeon well known within the industry and a regular contributor to all sectors of the media. The clinic has established a reputation for the excellent results from their surgeries and for the first class patient care received by all clients. Dr Ayoubi stresses that patients should have realistic expectations of their Breast Enlargement procedure and feels that they should understand the surgery "can offer improvement, but not perfection". It can deliver hugely beneficial results to the patient in enhanced appearance and improved self-esteem; but should not be considered as "cure-all" for all life's problems. All clients will be offered a full consultation with one of the clinics GMC registered surgeons, where the surgical procedure will be discussed and a tailor-made treatment plan developed.

Ms Angelica Kavouni

Ms Kavouni administers her clinic from premises at 129, Harley Street, which she shares with her colleague, Mr Lucian Ion. She specialises in Breast procedures, and believes in the importance of balanced and believable results, particularly from Enlargement treatments. In common with her colleagues within the aesthetic surgery field, Ms Kavouni feels that a successful surgical outcome is best assured from a detailed initial consultation with her clients. She likes to discuss not just medical history and surgical options; but will ask clients about their lifestyle, priorities and goals. Each patient is seen as a complete individual, and all treatment plans are bespoke to best suit their needs.

Anywhere Else?

The Harley Street Plastic Surgery, offer one of the most competitively priced Breast Augmentation procedures in the cosmetic surgery sector. By using the “J Frame” technique, which is less invasive, the patient can have the procedure performed as a day patient, requiring no overnight stay in hospital and cutting the costs. There are no compromises made to the service you will receive, or, of course, to the levels of safety and professionalism you will enjoy. Prices for Breast Augmentation start from £3,000 and there is a £100 consultation fee payable.

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