Natural Breast Enlargement

What does "Natural" Breast Enlargement Mean?

In this context, "natural" is a bit of a catch-all term and it is more about what it isn't than what it is. Generally a provider offering a "natural" treatment will mean two things: that the treatment does not involve any surgery, and that the treatment does not involve any artificially-created chemicals.

What Treatments Are Available?

natural breast enlargement

Breast enlargement pills are not traditional pharmaceutical drugs and thus do not have any medical regulation or oversight. Instead they contain herbal extracts, the precise makeup of which is often a trade secret. The pills are designed to trick your body, specifically your breasts, into believing you are pregnant. The idea is to stimulate the oestrogen receptors in the breast and make your body produce more oestrogen. If the pills work as advertised, your breasts will get bigger as they would during pregnancy, but you will not get any of the other effects such as lactating.

Breast enlargement creams work on a similar theory to the pills, but are massaged directly into the breasts. The makers believe this massaging can also stimulate blood circulation, leading to tissue growth that boosts the effect.

Vacuum pumps work on the idea that stretching the breasts can cause new cells to form and in turn increase the overall size of the breast. Suction bras contain small vacuum pumps that operate continuously thanks to a small battery, using the slow-but-steady principle.

Do the Natural Methods Work?

Because they are not regulated medical devices or products, there has not been much serious medical research into natural breast enlargement techniques. While manufacturers offer plenty of anecdotal evidence from satisfied customers, there are little-to-no results from clinical trials. Medical experts who have studied the claims made by manufacturers are generally split between saying the methods could work in theory but are not proven, and those who say the methods are based on misconceptions, particularly about the way the body deals with estrogen. Most people who do say the techniques can work concede results will come very slowly.

Is Natural Breast Enlargement Safe?

There is not any serious concern about vacuum pumps and suction bras, or the massage element of using creams. With pills and the contents of the creams, the onus is really on the manufacturers to prove they are safe, and some critics say that has not happened. The biggest concerns are that the oestrogen stimulation might not work in the way manufacturers expect and that some people may have allergies to one or more of the herbs. While in most cases using pills and creams may be something where you should make your own assessment of risk, you should never use them if you are suffering from cancer or other serious illnesses where your treatment may rely on hormones.

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Visual Boost

Giving your breasts a natural “visual boost” can help them appear larger, without the need to undergo surgery.

One key thing to consider at all times is posture. For many women, their breasts appear small or sagging simply because they are slouched over and not standing erect with correct posture. To give your bosom a boost the easy way, watch your posture at all times. Pull your shoulders back, pull your neck towards your spine, and keep your head high. If you like, you can take photographs of your breasts before and after to monitor the change this can make.

You can also accentuate this change by wearing push-up bras that can add between one and two cup sizes, and you can pair this with wearing tops with a low-cut neckline to accentuate your new fuller bust. Wearing tops that have embellishments over the chest can also make your breasts seem bigger.

Exercise and Gaining Weight

Did you know that by changing your diet and exercise, you can potentially boost your bust?

When you gain weight, this weight can add to your bust size as well. Breasts are primarily made up of fatty tissue and, like the rest of the body, this fluctuates when a woman gains or looses weight. It’s important to follow a healthy balanced diet, whilst trying to gain weight. By adding foods rich in omega fats into your diet, you can add a few pounds that could make all the difference to your breast size. However remember that all women carry their weight differently. Some women may be more susceptible to gaining weight on their thighs or stomach for example. In addition to adding fat, you can also build the muscles in your breasts, called the pectoral muscles. These chest muscles can make a big difference in the pertness of your breasts, and therefore the perceived size. Exercises such as push-ups require no equipment or expensive gym memberships, and naturally tone the muscles in the chest area. Chest presses and weight lifting can also develop these muscles, and it’s important to also focus on your shoulder and upper back muscles to provide support as your develop your chest.

By doing just a few reps each week, you should be able to see a noticeable difference. But don’t worry about becoming bulky. It’s a common misconception that muscle building exercises can lead to women looking bulky. The truth is that it would be extremely hard for women to get big bulky muscles, this is because women don’t produce as much testosterone as men do. Whilst women are able to get stronger and toned, they would either need to be professional athletes (who use steroids) to have ‘muscular’ looking muscles.

What Are the Alternatives to Natural Breast Enlargement?

Breast enhancement surgery can be a long-term or permanent way to increase breast size with instant results. It involves implanting a container filled with a saline (salt water) solution or a silicone gel. As well as the speed of results, the main advantage of implants is that you have more control about not just the size but also the shape of your enhanced breasts.

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