What Cosmetic Surgery has Amy Childs had?

Another Celebrity Under Scrutiny

Hasn't everyone had that conversation with their friends where they wondered things like has that TV presenter has a nose job? Don't her boobs look bigger? And what cosmetic surgery has Amy Childs had? It's understandable for every girl and women in the world to wonder how every celebrity and reality TV star manages to look so perfect all the time. Obviously if a woman on TV has a perfectly straight nose or stupidly pert boobs, she must have had some cosmetic surgery right? Luckily, some women like Jordan and the beloved Amy Childs from The Only Way is Essex fame aren't too shy about sharing their cosmetic surgery secrets. Amy Childs is downright proud of her assets and so she should be. So let's find out the answer to the question "What cosmetic surgery has Amy Childs had?"

Amy Childs’ Facial Treatments

There's not much speculation to be had with Amy, she's the kind of girl that doesn't mind telling the world about what cosmetic surgery she's had on her face. Amy admits to having fillers in her upper lip to make them look fuller and poutier. Lip fillers are usually collagen injections which are repeated every three to six months to retain that sultry, full-lipped look.


Although Amy has never admitted to it in public, newspapers and magazines have reported that she has also had dermal fillers in her forehead and cheeks. Speculation came about after she was photographed with a fuller face to than the one we are used to seeing on TV in TOWIE. Amy Childs is though to one of the few from the TOWIE cast who has not had a nose job. Luckily, she was blessed with her cute button nose at birth.

And the Rest

Amy makes no secrets of the fact that she has had her breasts enhanced. Amy says that before having a boob job to enhance her breasts to a D cup she wore chicken fillet breast enhancers to make her chest look bigger. She also says that as she had he first breast enlargement procedure at age eighteen, she will have to have the operation repeated before she is 28. Amy wants to have her fake breasts replaced every ten years to make sure they stay firm and perky.

Getting the Amy Childs Look

If you're looking for the Amy Childs look, you're not alone. Hair stylists and cosmetic surgeons are reporting that increasing numbers of patients are asking to look like the TOWIE star. Girls want everything from Amy's trademark red locks, to her perfect pearly white smile and her famous bosoms. To look as good as Amy you should start with the hair and the tan. As well as using sun beds up to five times a week, Amy applies false tan every day to keep a golden, glowing complexion. Veneers on her teeth give her a winning smile which is straight as a die and perfectly white. Then there are the dermal facial fillers, collagen injections and, of course, the D cup boobs.

Celebrity Breast Augmentation & Confidence

Amy isn’t the only celebrity to have opted for breast implants to improve her body confidence.

While many celebrities have clearly undergone breast augmentation without admitting in, others have copped to having the procedure to improve their self-assurance. In a celebrity society obsessed with body-shaming and glorifying unrealistic expectations of beauty, these women have bucked the trend of small is beautiful and instead focussed on achieving the body they would prefer to have. Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco revealed that undergoing breast augmentation at the age of 18 was “the best thing ever”, while EastEnders actress Lacey Turner says she was “proud” to have the operation after feeling out of proportion. Like Kaley, soap actress Gemma Merna of Hollyoaks referred to her breast augmentation as ‘the best thing she’s ever done’.

While in the public eye, celebrities are often forced to confront insecurities, which is where procedures such as breast augmentation can provide added confidence in the glare of the spotlight.

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